Who We Are:

We are a coalition of recognized Christian campus organizations and churches that have worked with university students in the Greater Boston Area for over 50 years. The members of our Executive Committee represent: International Students Inc., InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Park Street Church in Boston, Grace Chapel in Lexington, Real Life Boston, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, and The Greater Boston Baptist Association

Why We Exist:

Our mission is to collectively serve international students, scholars and their families by providing valuable services and activities. We work to complement the International Student Offices at local colleges and universities throughout the Boston area. These services are intended to benefit not only the individuals involved, but also their academic institutions, the United States as host country, and the global community of which we are all members.

What We Do:

The services we offer consist primarily of friendship partners, holiday host families, seminars, tourism, conversational and academic ESL classes. Religious activities such as Bible studies and church participation are also offered for those interested.

How We Serve:

We serve in accordance to the NAFSA Code of Ethics and help internationals of all religions, ideologies, and lifestyles. The responses of these students have been overwhelming in their gratitude for genuine hospitality by Americans.