Welcome International Students in the Greater Boston Area!

For over 50 years, we and our Boston area partners have been helping thousands of international students, just like yourself. Our help has been in areas like housing, ESL, friendship, and seminars on selective topics to help your understanding of the U.S., rides to and from the airport, and a place to call when you need help. This web site was developed to be your "one stop" web site for easy access to services for you and your spouses in the Greater Boston area.

This site is updated frequently and provides services, programs and activities to make your time here easier and more enriching. Come back often to see new things.

International Students Inc. - Easter Celebration

Enjoy an Easter celebration, Sunday, April 1. Open to all international students and their families. Learn about Easter and a brief story of the last week of the life of Jesus. Attend an Easter Sunday service at Westgate Church with beautiful Easter music, 100 Winter Street in Weston, MA. Then come with us for a delicious Easter dinner (with Halal Lamb) at a host family home in Sudbury, MA. Back before 5PM.

Date: Sunday April 1, 2018
Location: Westgate Church - 100 Winter Street, Weston MA


For questions email Steve Hope or phone 617-875-8647.

Click here to register. International Students Inc. 2018 Easter Celebration